CINX Traffic Graphs

12 Aug 2014 23:00 to 23:59. The stats server was taken down for software upgrades. CINX was fully functional during this time; only the graphing was down.

Total traffic across CINX during past 24 hours:

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Individual Ports

sw01-cinx_me0: Management Interface
sw01-cinx_vme: Management Interface
sw01-cinx_vcp-0: Virtual Chassis Port 0
sw01-cinx_vcp-1: Virtual Chassis Port 1
sw01-cinx_ge-0/0/0: RSAWeb
sw01-cinx_ge-0/0/1: eNetworks
sw01-cinx_ge-0/0/2: Cybersmart
sw01-cinx_ge-0/0/3: Dotcoza (NHA)
sw01-cinx_ge-0/0/4: WebAfrica
sw01-cinx_ge-0/0/5: Neotel
sw01-cinx_ge-0/0/6: Comtel Communications
sw01-cinx_ge-0/0/7: Workonline Communications
sw01-cinx_ge-0/0/8: Frogfoot Networks
sw01-cinx_ge-0/0/9: Packet Clearing House (PCH)
sw01-cinx_ge-0/0/10: Packet Clearing House (PCH)
sw01-cinx_ge-0/0/11: IS (VoIP)
sw01-cinx_ge-0/0/12: NAPAfrica
sw01-cinx_ge-0/0/13: Adept Internet
sw01-cinx_ge-0/0/14: Frogfoot Networks (VoIP)
sw01-cinx_ge-0/0/15: Faircom
sw01-cinx_ge-0/0/16: Clickatell
sw01-cinx_ge-0/0/17: MWEB Connect (VoIP)
sw01-cinx_ge-1/0/0: Unallocated (was Internet Solutions)
sw01-cinx_ge-1/0/2: MTN Business
sw01-cinx_ge-1/0/3: iBurst
sw01-cinx_ge-1/0/4: Vox Telecom
sw01-cinx_ge-1/0/5: Google
sw01-cinx_ge-1/0/6: AfricaINX
sw01-cinx_ge-1/0/7: Unallocated (was MWEB Connect)
sw01-cinx_ge-1/0/12: Business Connexion Content Distribution Solutions (Pty) Ltd
sw01-cinx_ge-1/0/13: Cell C
sw01-cinx_ge-1/0/14: MTN Business (VoIP)
sw01-cinx_ge-1/0/16: Macrolan
sw01-cinx_xe-0/1/0: Internet Solutions
sw01-cinx_xe-0/1/2: MWEB Connect
sw01-cinx_xe-1/1/0: MWEB Connect
sw01-cinx_xe-1/1/2: Tenet